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ritz carlton mooncake

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Ritz-Carlton Mooncake Review

Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, 7 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039799

Phone: (65) 6434.5190

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/hotels/singapore/



Business Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

About Ritz-Carlton Mooncakes

Mooncakes are traditional cakes, originally made for ceremonies like lunar appreciation and moon watching, thus the name of the cake. At this moment mooncakes are there to make each moment special with its unforgettable taste and the joy it brings to everyone who eats and share it with their near and dear ones. Ritz-Carlton mooncakes are made with special attention to every detail which enhances the taste of the cake and the overall enjoyment.

Based in Singapore at 7 Raffles Avenue, Ritz-Carlton mooncakes are mainly focused on the online store which improved their business and provided many with high-end service. On the Ritz-Carlton mooncakes website, you can find a grand variety of products and delivery options which are available 24/7.

The Product Selection System

Ritz-Carlton provides a wide spectrum of mooncakes as well as high-end preparation which ensures the quality of each mooncake you buy. The greatest thing about their internet service is the fact that it provides you with especially detailed search options that allow you to choose the mooncake you will like the best. Moreover, a customer is able to choose the mooncake according to the special occasions for which they would like to buy a cake.

Another great thing concerning the advanced product selection system on the Ritz-Carlton website is a set of recommended products which eases the product selection process. The website lets you choose the best option among dozens of different mooncake types, which means that the Ritz-Carlton thinks about their customers and understands their position while opting for the specific product. Ritz-Carlton mooncake website assists its customers with further product recommendations based on the previous choices that the customer has made.

The Order-Placing System

Ritz-Carlton mooncakes website made sure that placing an order becomes easier than ever as it provides the customers with a straightforward mechanism that shortens the order-placement time. The order-placing mechanism is pretty simple, but it’s recommended that the customers pay close attention to the type of product they are ordering. This would prevent the situation when the customer gets the wrong product.

Your order may come with minor differences in the package arrangement from the one displayed on the website. The quality is, however, unparalleled.

Payment options

Prices that are listed on the Ritz Carlton mooncakes website are all inclusive of taxes and in the currency of Singapore Dollars. The products prices are transparent which means that there is no expense which may be counted in without your knowledge.

The payments are secure and processed either through PayPal or Citibank. Also, your personal banking information remains safe.

Customer Service

The customers who shopped either via the Internet or in any Ritz-Carlton mooncake retail store are satisfied with the service. Ritz-Carlton customer service is flexible and allow for changing the orders in the last, or even going a mile further to provide their customer with the most quality service and fresh products.

The overall service quality is outstanding and all of the customers praise the Ritz-Carlton for their fast delivery and excellent quality of the delivered products. Also, if you need any further advice or answer to any question you might have, you will get expert support and helpful answers.

All in all, it’s obvious that the Ritz Carlton mooncakes are ready to provide their customers with all kinds of support and outstanding delivery. They made sure that you can expect the high-end service and only the freshest products delivery.

Pricing information

The cheapest Ritz-Carlton mooncake is $70 and the more expensive mooncake boxes may go up to $120.

Ritz-Carlton mooncakes encourage their customers to order the products online. Therefore, you may find many special offers designed for customers who are shopping online. Early bird privileges provide you with a considerable discount with up to 25% of the price if you order products in specific timeframes.

Also, there are credit card privileges for customers who use specific credit cards for shopping. Unfortunately, these privileges are not available if you intend to use them along with early bird or bulk purchase privileges.

Delivery information

Ritz Carlton mooncakes believe in perfect service, so the delivery system is intended to reach the highest standards. Delivery time is efficient, so you can expect that the product you’ve ordered will arrive precisely when you planned.

Also, there is a list of all the retail locations where you can buy the mooncakes in the nearest shop. The shop locations are displayed on comprehensive maps that will help you find the fastest route to get your favourite mooncakes in no time.


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