How to Make Homemade Love Letters [Recipe]

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Once a year, people from all around the world will do one thing: returning home and spending time with their beloved families. Whoever you are, a businessman, a student, a worker, a teacher, you will go back to visit your big family at least once in a year. Some may come back on Christmas, your friend may visit her parents on Hari Raya, and you will visit yours on Chinese New Year. The time for everyone to return home may be different, however, the purpose is all the same: once again creating new moments with your beloved.

For everyone who visits their families on CNY, then you will have around 15 days to celebrate the CNY and several days prior for preparation. The preparation days may become the busiest day for everyone but it feels so warm and blissful. Spending time buying new clothes, buying angpao and other CNY’s ornaments, cleaning the house, baking some snacks, planning what to eat on reunion dinner, and others. It is indeed a busy preparation yet so enjoyable to do.

However, not everyone will have the same bustle intensity for preparing this big day. Some of them think that it will be much more convenient if you buy all the snacks for a gift and your house from the bakery. You can also just book a slot for dining in a restaurant rather than buying all the things and cooking it at home. Nevertheless, it is all back to individual and family’s choice. There is nothing wrong if you are on the convenient side or be busier by creating memories with the family side. Both are completing our CNY’s moments in different ways.

People who choose to be a bit busier by preparing everything by themselves will usually do some baking with their grandmother or mother. Snacks like Pineapple Tarts, Kueh Lapis, Love Letters, and others are usually made by using recipes from generation to generation. So, when you do bai nian, do not be surprised if you find out that Love Letters from your teacher’s house are different in taste from your friend’s house.

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Every snack that can be eaten on CNY are all delicious and tasty. Besides, some of it has a unique origin behind it. Let’s take Love Letters from the shelf. This snack has alternate names as Kuih Kapit or Kue Semprong. There is nothing to be questioned for those 2 alternate names, however, Love Letters has a meaning behind it that also depicts the form of the snack itself.

“I love you and I want to confess. I will write love letters for you, so that only you who know my feelings,” This may be the closest scene behind the origin of Love Letters. The snack hids the secret message and it does not always contain a love confession for someone. That is why it comes in the form of a roll. The message inside is so secretive until no one can see it but the right person. Love Letters can also be a wish for a healthy and happy life too. This snack has a crispy texture with the sweet taste of coconut. What a perfect snack to be served on the table during CNY.

peanut kuih kapit singapore
peanut kuih kapit singapore

In a blink of eyes, we will be welcoming CNY 2022. For those who want to try preparing snacks at home, it will be a good idea if you take a look at the recipes from now on! We proudly present how to make homemade Love Letters for you.

The Preparation

Fortunately, all the ingredients for making Love Letters are all easy to find on the market. Even some of it already sit well in the corner of your kitchen~

What you need (for around 30 pieces of Love Letters):

  • 1 egg (the large one the better)
  • Cane sugar (80 gram)
  • Tapioca flour (110 gram)
  • Rice flour (3 gram)
  • Coconut milk (200 ml)

That is all the ingredients you need to make your own Love Letters. As time goes by, people always try to make new innovations. You can make the snacks to have different colors and tastes by adding ¼ tea spoon of coffee extract and any other extracts or food coloring to make your Love Letters looks following the modern era! But once again, this is just optional.

The last thing you need to prepare before going to crack the egg is the Love Letters mold. It is a special mold to make your Love Letters look perfect! The mold maker is similar to a waffle maker, but the design of the mold is different. You can literally make Love Letters in any type of mold maker, however, it is better to use the original design of Love Letters mold for CNY.

Instructions Time

  1. Mix all the flour into one mixing bowl. On the other side, crack the egg and put it along with sugar to another mixing bowl. Whisk the egg and sugar until the sugar dissolves.
  2. Pour the egg mixture into the flour mixing bowl and pour the coconut milk into it.
  3. Stir the mixture until you get a batter with a smooth texture.
  4. [Optional] add the coffee extract or food coloring into the batter.

Baking Time

  1. Preheat the mold maker and do not forget to apply some oil to the mold plates (you can use spray non-stick coating too).
  2. Pour the batter into the mold (1 tablespoon is the ideal measurement) and close the lid for around 1 minute. Please do not eat the first batch of the batter that you made.
  3. Do the same step for the second batch. After opening the lid, you can take a look at whether there is excess batter outside the mold or not. If you find some, you can sort it out by cutting it slowly. After that, close the lid again for one more minute.
  4. If you see the batter are now turning into golden brown (or following the food coloring or extract you use), then the mission is success! However, if your batter still looks a bit pale, then you can close the lid and wait for around 15 seconds.
  5. Go roll it while it is still hot.
  6. Your own Love Letters are ready to be served!

For reminder, we know that getting the golden brown is the ideal result that everyone hopes for. However, the Love Letters will turn darker when it gets cool so, be careful to not over-bake it.

Source: Pexels

How is the procedure? It should not be difficult to make for a beginner. As long as you follow the procedure, everything will be okay and delicious! Now you are ready to show up the skill for serving Love Letters for CNY!       

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