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bengawan solo mooncake

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Bengawan Solo Mooncake Review

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Phone: +65 6756 9088 (headquarters)

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Business Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (headquarters)


About Bengawan Solo Mooncake

Bengawan Solo was founded in 1979 when Tjendri Anastasia, now Liew, brought her extraordinary talent for sweets and delicacies from Indonesia to Singapore. From the first days of production in her HDB flat, over to today’s well organised 38 outlets – her philosophy never changed. That’s why when Mid-Autumn Festival rolls around, Bengawan Solo treats mooncakes as one of their own products despite it being a popular widespread international baked good.

You can always count on Mrs Liew’s detail-oriented kitchen to not only push the limits in flavour innovations but also in production of the traditional mooncakes. Cantered at 23 Woodlands Link, the manufacturing process makes sure each location is equipped with the freshest, most delicious cakes!

Production Process

Regardless of whether produced on the spot back in the day or in a centralised kitchen nowadays, Mrs Liew’s delights have always been about the finest ingredients, additional manufacturing effort, and perfect task execution.

Over several decades she has sought to make better goodies than anybody else, invent new delicacies and make sure her work is unparalleled. That’s why Bengawan Solo mooncake is some of the best you’ll ever try. No cutting corners, no preservatives, only the ultimate traditional is what’s allowed in Bengawan Solo kitchen!

Product Selection

At Bengawan Solo you can choose from maybe the largest variety of mooncakes anywhere. Their menu offers various flavours grouped by the type of skin – baked or snow skin cakes. Each of those comes in regular size or mini-sized pieces, with the difference coming in packages.

You can always purchase these in single pieces, but if you wish to purchase a box, Bengawan Solo places regular sized mooncakes in boxes of 4 pieces each, or 9-piece sets when it comes to mini-sized ones. You are able to order online and schedule a delivery or pick the products up yourself in a close by Bengawan Solo outlet.

Flavour Selection

The variety in flavour goes a long way at Bengawan Solo, as they have you covered for all your needs. You can enjoy mooncakes made from green tea pastes, red bean and red date pastes, various lotus seed pastes, with or without yolk centers, pandan, yam, orange, mango and more!

There are additional options for nuts enthusiasts as well as vegetarians. To add even more fantastic richness in flavour, you can choose between pandan, banana, strawberry and, of course, original snow skin!

Order-Placing System

Mrs Liew prefers a traditional approach to everything as to not lose the identity and humane touch of the company and production process, so you can feel like the sweets are made for you, personally and with care. You will never have a feeling that the production is automated, bland and robotic, and even so when making the order!

It’s quite simple, either do it in person at a local store, make a call to any outlet or the HQ or send a neat and concise email containing your order! Human interaction is heavily accented to the point they even ask you not to email them any changes or amendments. As for the orders themselves, you should try ordering 2-3 days in advance, not including Public Holidays, Saturdays or Sundays.

Payments and Deliveries

Bengawan Solo requires a Visa, MasterCard or American Express payment exclusively. For the order to be completed and processed, your payment first has to be confirmed before production takes place.

The restaurant does offer free deliveries for certain orders but those are unavailable during festive periods such as Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, including several weeks prior to these events. You can find more details on their website!


Bengawan Solo offers similar if not slightly lower prices for their mooncakes than most places. You can purchase mooncakes individually per piece, or you can get them in a decorative box. The price of a single regular-sized piece varies between $8 to $10.50, while mini-sized ones cost from $2.80 to $3.70.

When it comes to boxes, regular-size mooncake box contains 4 pieces and prices go from $36 to $42, while mini-sized mooncakes are sold in 9-piece boxes, the cheapest being $25.20 and the most expensive at $33.30. You will notice that most of the prices are somewhere right in the middle, with only special types slightly differing above or below the rest.


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