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marriott mooncake

Marriott Hotel Mooncake Review

Location: Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, 320 Orchard Road, Singapore, 238865

Phone: +65 6831 4708




Business Hours: Monday to Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00.


About Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Mooncakes

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, Mooncakes start appearing all over in anticipation of the full moon during the 8th Lunar month on the Chinese calendar. The festival honours Chang’e, the Moon Goddess of Immortality and celebrates peace, prosperity and abundance. The festival brings loved ones together to gaze at the moon while sipping on tea and indulging in delicious mooncakes.

The Marriott is known for their unique mooncakes that are handcrafted using premium ingredients as well as showcasing new and unique flavours. Their traditional mastery of the art of mooncakes is kept up-to-date with continual modern refinement of their techniques.

The Product Selection

Marriott has a wide variety of mooncakes available on their menu filled with delicious, indulgent flavours. From their traditional baked mooncakes (with an array of decadent flavour combinations) to their more contemporary mini snow skin mooncakes. Plus, they have a tribute for mooncake purists who enjoy the good old Chicken Bak-Kwa mooncakes with a variety of chicken combinations.

Perennial Baked Favourites

Who does not love a traditional and fragrant white lotus paste baked mooncake? They are just so heart-warming and comforting with their sweet and smooth paste filling.

With options that seem to be never-ending, you can enjoy the traditional baked white lotus paste mooncakes with a single or double egg yolk or opt for a nutty alternative with Macadamia or Pine nuts. These golden baked treats are created with the utmost dexterity and passion, which is probably why they are sought after every year come time for the Moon Festival.

Snow Skin Mooncakes

What would a mooncake menu be without a selection of snow skin mooncakes? Snow Skin mooncakes always add a little colour to the spread completing the experience with usually fruity-flavoured skins.

The Marriott love to experiment with innovative flavours with the filling for their snow skin mooncakes. One of the top favourites on their menu is their Pure Mao Shan Wang Premium Grade Durian Mooncakes and not to mention the Sencha Green Tea Snow Skin with Japanese Red Beans that they have perfected.

Unique and Exciting Flavoured Mooncakes

Each year you can expect some new and exciting flavours to come out of the Marriott. 2018 saw the introduction of some interesting new flavours such as the golden-crusted Cempedak Paste Baked Mooncake with Pumpkin Seeds or the decadent Mango Yoghurt Snow Skin Mooncake with Lime Margarita Truffle.

For the chocolate and coffee lovers, their Mocha Snow Skin Mooncake with Milk Chocolate Royaltine is bound to be a crowd-pleaser. If you love the classic salted egg yolk flavour in your mooncake then you have to get your hands on their White Lotus Paste Snow Skin Mooncake with Salted Egg Truffle, it is the perfect balance of sweet and salty indulgence.

For the Mooncake Purists

Are you a mooncake purist? If you are, then you most likely get excited by the idea of a Chicken Bak-Kwa baked mooncake with an assortment of nuts. Marriott have perfected a re-defined version of this age-old recipe for your enjoyment. The Chicken Bak-Kwa mooncake has been loved for many generations as a less sweet and healthier option yet still rich and indulgent, perfect for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The flavours of sesame paste, sweet rice flour, melon candy, a medley of nuts (almonds, macadamias, melon seeds and sesame seeds) and preserved kumquat and chicken bak-kwa are blended together in such a way that each rich flavour still shines for an enjoyable mooncake experience.

Marriott Gift Set

This stunning gift set is made up of delicious Gold-Dusted White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncakes paired with Chrysanthemum, Serrano Ham, Mixed Grains and Salted Egg Yolk. Plus, a wine opener, wine stopper and a bottle of premium wine: Villa Girardi Amarone Della Valpolicella 2013.

Ordering and Delivery Information

Pre-orders are available by phone, email or online at the Singapore Marriott Hotel website. Delivery is available on order of 50 boxes or more and is subject to availability. All other orders can be collected at the hotel Forecourt Stall as the hotel entrance between 10am and 10pm.

Pricing Information

The baked mooncake selection is available in 4-piece boxes and the price ranges from S$66 to S$78. There is also a special Baked Degustation Collection of mini baked mooncakes available at S$68 for an 8-piece.

The snow skin collection is available as an 8-piece box ranging in price from S$ 66 to S$82. The Signature Gift Set is priced at S$238. Payments are processed via credit card.


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