Holiday Inn Mooncake

holiday inn mooncake

Holiday Inn Mooncake Review

Location: 317 Outram Road, Singapore, 169075

Phone: (65) 6733.0188

Email: [email protected]



Business Hours: 9.00 pm to 1.00 am


About Holiday Inn Mooncakes

Mooncake is a traditional Chinese pastry that could be both sweet and savoury. They are created for celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. Whether you choose to try the one with the egg yolk in its centre or the one with lotus seeds, your tastebuds will be more than pleased. Holiday Inn pays attention to every detail to offer you the best possible mooncake that looks fabulous and tastes amazing

Holiday Inn Mooncakes are made carefully with a special technique. Their best-selling mooncake that won many awards – Mini Egg Custard with Yolk– continues the Holiday Inn’s mooncake tradition. It will bring you happiness and joy just by taking a bite of it.

The Product Selection System

Holiday Inn offers you a big range of Mid-Autumn delights. Each one of them comes with the high-end blend that will ensure you with an amazing quality of every product that you buy. Holiday Inn’s cuisine includes both classic (Assorted Nuts and French Raisin) and special mooncakes that win awards traditionally.

Due to its detailed and informative search options, you can search and find the right mooncake for your taste. Holiday Inn cuisine also revealed two healthier versions of mooncakes to satisfy those who are taking care of their diet. You can get a taste of the fruity flavours that are made with premium components.

The brand-new Holiday Inn’s snow-skin flavours are with durian filling covered in a blue pea flower skin. They include low sugar options, such as Red Lotus Seed Paste with Peanut Praline and White Lotus Seed Paste with Banana Apricot Praline.

The Order-Placing System

A straightforward system that Holiday Inn has allows you to order quick and effortless. To avoid any mistakes with your order or flavour, they made it comprehensive. You will find a big range of various mooncake flavours.

You can also find a recommended product list on their product selection system. They keep track of your previous orders so they can recommend your future one. Every individual can find the one that meets his needs. Every mooncake is handcrafted and it will leave you breathless and with a taste you won’t forget.

Payment options

After you choose your desired mooncake, you need to pick a payment method. To inspire their customers to shop online, Holiday Inn is offering a couple of different payment options. Holiday Inn’s payment system is very simple and secure. Whether you choose to pay with an online app or debit/credit card, your personal information will be completely safe. You don’t have to worry about payment failures.

Customer Service

Holiday Inn is always offering professional assistance. Anytime you have a question, there is someone available from a customer support team to answer you. Their high-end service efficiency is proven by positive feedback from previous customers. No matter what assistance or help you may need, you can always expect the best possible support.

If you experience a mistake with your order or you’re not pleased with the quality of mooncakes, feel free to contact Holiday Inn customer service. After you let them know where the problem was, they will be more than glad to solve the issue.

Pricing information

The prices of mooncakes vary from flavour to flavour. They go from around $58 per box. If you’re lucky, you may find some of their special offers listed at the front page. No matter if you choose the cheapest or the priciest one, you will get outstanding quality.

In case you’re looking for a discount, they offer 20% off for more than a dozen mooncakes during the period from 1st to 21st September. Also, there are early bird discounts, that go up to 30% and a 10% discount for premium collection. However, these discounts are until 20th August.

Delivery information

The key to the exceptional Holiday Inn delivery system is their customer care. Holiday Inn makes as much effort as they can to deliver to you as soon as possible their fresh mooncakes.

If you want to try their new version of Snow skin Mooncake, you can choose between 4 large or 6 small pieces per one box. What’s certain is that you will enjoy the flavour of your chosen pastries right when you’ve expected it. Their highest standards and professionality of the delivery service will leave you breathless.

Mooncakes can be packed in a gift box that is two-tiered if you want to surprise your friends and family.


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