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Location: Multiple outlets across Singapore.

Phone: +65 8877 8870 (WhatsApp only). Each outlet has its respective phone number.




Business Hours: Daily. Opening hours vary based on the outlet.

About Baker’s Brew

Founded in 2015, Baker’s Brew started out as a small baking studio set out to spread the joy of baking and exceptional cakes. With its delicious cakes alongside engaging baking classes, the baking studio received overwhelming support from students and customers who benefited from the classes and satisfied their sweet tooth. Baker’s Brew opened a second studio in 2016 at Upper Thomson, followed by a studio-café at Paragon a year later in 2017. There are altogether 5 branches islandwide: Great World, Paragon, Plaza Singapura, Sembawang, and Upper Thomson. From serving thick fluffy cakes with slabs of creamy icing to chewy gooey cookies straight from its ovens, Baker’s Brew continues to impress and delight customers across Singapore.

The Product Selection

Baker’s Brew offers a wide range of heavenly desserts, ranging from artisanal cakes to cheesecakes and cupcakes, as well as pastries such as loaf cakes and dessert boxes. Using high-quality ingredients from flour, eggs, sugar to extracting flavours from natural ingredients, Baker’s Brew only offers premium desserts. With a passion to explore exciting and new flavours, you can expect the unexpected from Baker’s Brew rather than your usual dark chocolate cakes. 

At Baker’s Brew, every one of their goodies looks absolutely stunning and tastes even better. Beautifully decorated and delicately handcrafted, Baker’s Brew baked desserts make every special event even sweeter. If you’re searching for variety in one box, Baker’s Brew also has a scrumptious selection of cupcakes and dessert boxes. Never mind special events; nothing says treat yourself other than dropping by one of Baker’s Brew branches to indulge in a tasty dessert.

For Chinese New Year, Baker’s Brew takes inspiration from iconic Singaporean landmarks and uniquely Singaporean flavours. Each cookie recipe has been cultivated and refined to give a modern and interesting take on familiar homemade Chinese New Year snacks. So let’s have a look at Baker’s Brew’s signature CNY cookies!

Ondeh Ondeh Cookies

For the coming Chinese New Year, why not add make a new addition? Baker’s Brew’s best-selling signature cookie is inspired by the traditional Ondeh Ondeh kueh. 

Made with pandan-infused dough and filled with a generous amount of gula Melaka coconut filling, these Ondeh Ondeh cookies are incredibly moist and aromatic. Just like its namesake, each cookie filling’s texture is soft and has a slight crunch from the coconut. These tasty cookies will crave any Ondeh Ondeh craving instantly and are great for tea and as dessert!

Pineapple Bak Kwa Cookies

Pineapple tarts are a staple to any household celebrating Chinese New Year. Baker’s Brew puts a bold and unexpectedly mouth-watering spin on the traditional pineapple pastry. For bak kwa lovers and Singaporeans alike, Pineapple Bak Kwa cookies are a fusion that you never knew you wanted.  

Each buttery cookie is filled with the irresistible combination of premium Thai pineapple paste blended with authentic bak kwa. To enrich the flavour of the cookie, unsalted SCS butter is added to the dough for the shortcrust for a subtle milky flavour. As soon as the cookie reaches your mouth, you can taste the savoury thin pork slices perfectly complementing the tangy sweetness of the condensed pineapple filling. 

Muah Chee Peanut Cookies 

Inspired by a favourite local snack — Muah Chee, these crunchy cookies are a delightful snack that will leave you pleasantly nostalgic. These tasty cookies are made with roasted peanuts and salted peanut butter, topped with more ground peanuts. Packed with nuts, one may even say that it’s great for your health (*wink). Deliciously salty, sweet, nutty and earthy all rolled into one bite, these deep brown cookies can be enjoyed with tea /coffee. 

The Packaging

Through Baker’s Brew’s CNY cookies, we take a trip on rediscovering Singapore through its unique take on Singaporean flavours and distinct packaging. The delectable goodies are packaged in gorgeous tins that deserve to be collectibles by themselves, each one a deep and vibrant colour. With a small window in the middle to reveal the delicious cookies inside, the tins resemble miniature versions of old school biscuit tins decorated with Singapore’s landmarks. To keep the cookies fresh and snack-ready, all cookies are heat-sealed with moisture absorbent packs. Each container is labelled with nutrition facts and the ingredients.  

Storage Information

To enjoy Baker’s Brew cookies to the fullest, the cookies are best consumed within 10 days after purchase.  It is recommended to leave the cookies at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. 

Ordering Information

To prepare for your CNY open house, you can make your Baker’s Brew order through the website. The online store accepts credit and debit card payments via Credit/Debit card and PayNow. 

As deliveries are made through a third party, you will be charged $15 onwards. Remember that delivery timing will be between 10 am to 7 pm so you won’t miss your cookie purchases! If you’re planning to make a bulk purchase of cookies as gifts, then luckily for you, Baker’s Brew offers free delivery to a single location for orders above $500. 

For self-collection, head down to any of their 5 branches: Great World, Paragon, Plaza Singapura, Sembawang, and Upper Thomson – between 12 am to 8 pm. You can also head down to their branches or call their outlets at the numbers listed here if you need any assistance. 

Pricing Information

These exciting new flavours are a must-have on the center of your coffee tables during Chinese New Year. For the heavenly combination of pandan and gula melaka with coconut, you can purchase the Ondeh Ondeh Cookies for only $27.80. If you want to treat your guests to an unexpectedly addictive fusion of local flavours, then Pineapple Bak Kwa Cookies can be yours for $26.80. Last but definitely not least, you can opt for a more traditional flavour with Muah Chee Peanut Cookies for $26.80. If you don’t want to miss out on all three delectable desserts, Baker’s Brew offers all three cookies in one bundle called the Peranakan Nostalgia Collection for only $78.00. 

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