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Singapore Branches:

  • Bukit Batok Branch: Bukit Batok East Avenue 3 #01-257 Block 283, 650283
  • Woodland Branch: 768 Woodlands Avenue 6 #01-23, Singapore 730768
  • Segar Branch: Blk 485 Segar Rd #01-510, Singapore 671485
  • Yishun Branch: 417 Yishun Avenue 11 #01-343, Singapore 760417

China Branches:

水头总店, 东南分店,水头百宏店,文斗分店,安海分店,郭前分店,世纪新城店,院下分店,仁福分店


  • Bukit Batok: +65 6560 2923
  • Woodland: +65 6368 5791
  • Segar: +65 6710 7931
  • Yishun: +65 6555 1138
  • WhatsApp (General Sales): 8853 0820
  • WhatsApp (Corporate Sales): 9795 6033





Business Hours: Daily from 06:30 to 10:00

About Bread Garden

Being successful needs a process. There is no word “smooth” in the process. One thing that can make you survive through all the struggle is called “passion”. If you have a passion, then love will follow along, success will be easier to reach out. This is what the owner and teams of Bread Garden engraved deep in their heart.

Bread Garden’s first big support system and fans came from family members and friends who know how good their CNY goodies, mooncakes, and other pastries have been since the 1980s. Due to unstoppable cravings and never-ending requests, the owner then took a bigger step to make their baking into a business. Decades passed by, “Bread Garden” is now having 4 branches in Singapore and 9 branches in China. Their love and passion that they put in every inch of their handmade dough are now becoming everyone’s favorites.  

As Bread Garden is growing bigger, they give a chance for everyone who has the same passion and love in baking to proudly join their success by opening a franchise. For those who are interested, go contact them right away! They will welcome you warmly.

The Product Selection

One thing that you must prepare before seeing their menu collections: your heart. By the time you see all the collections, your heart will go weak so fast and really want to have it all by yourself! When you enter Bread Garden’s area, buying one thing feels so wrong as other menus also look so tempting. Offering you more than 30 menus, there is really no reason not to know what to buy anymore. Besides, they also got 100% Halal certified so everyone can eat without feeling anxious.

The Signature

Every menu from Bread Garden is the winner based on the occasion that suits the menu. As their Christmas special menus are still on the way, let’s talk about their CNY’s signature goodies. Bread Garden highlighted 3 menus as their signature for CNY: Premium Pineapple Tarts, Macadamia Buttery Cookies, and Mala Cookies. The Premium Pineapple Tarts are the basic goodies that everyone must have in the table on CNY. For those who want to eat or give pineapple tarts who bring the sensation of tangy sweet and juicy explosions of pineapple to your mouth, then their product is the best.

What if you want to eat nuts cookies on CNY but still want to maintain your health? Do not worry, Bread Garden prepared Macadamia Buttery Cookies for you. The Macadamia nuts from Australia that they chose are high in LDL cholesterol which is a good choice for you who want tasty-healthy delicious cookies!

Bread Garden thought that to celebrate CNY, you not only need sweet cookies and tarts, but also something spicy like Sichuan’s Mala. By using their creative hands, the Mala Cookies are ready to give you the mix of Sichuan’s Mala, peppercorns, and any other peppers to heaten up the blissful CNY days!        

The Signature

Another signature from Bread Garden for different occasions is definitely the Mooncake. There are more than 30 different Mooncakes ready to be taken home during the Mooncake Festival. You can have both traditional and modern Mooncakes here and find out it is a difficult thing to just choose one of them! For traditional one, you may try their Golden Red Emerald or Golden Royale. The green tea red bean filling with salted yolk and custard with salted egg yolk will be a perfect match to celebrate the festival. Meanwhile, for those who want to taste the modern version of Mooncakes, their Yolk Pastries Set and gradation Mooncakes series are a good go for you. There are 7 gradation Mooncakes that you can choose for a gift. If you are not sure which one to buy, their Coco Lava – Snow Skin and Yuzu Mango Snow Skin are a good choice for you. And what if the gradation one is not your type but the traditional one is too outdated for you? Then the Yolk Pastries Set is destined for you! With Lotus silky paste and egg yolk, you will get the Mooncakes in the form of a big ball and ready to be eaten right away!

Bread Garden saves a soft spot for Durian lovers who love to eat cakes. Not only the cake with the Durian flavor, but also they make it like a real Durian! They proudly named the cake as 3D Premium MSW Durian Cake. The pure MSW flesh is ready to serve 10-13 people. So, when is the Durian party?

Another unique menu from Bread Garden is called Flower Pot Oreo Mousse Cake. Turning the Oreo into crumbs, the moussy cake is ready to dig in the pot full of sands made of Oreo. This menu is suitable for everyone who wants to try new innovation and for the kids who love everything about gardening.              

We got so many signatures from Bread Garden, however, there is one all-time favorite signature that is called Chiffon Cakes. The cakes come in 2 variants which are Pandan and Gula Melaka. In conclusion, every menu in Bread Garden is the signature in everyone’s heart who has already tasted it for once. If you have not tried it for once, then try it and let your heart choose which one is the winner for you.

The Packaging

“Simple, elegant, yet fancy” are the best words to describe Bread Garden special packaging for several big occasions. You will get a solid box of Mooncake for the Mooncake Festival, a transparent tube with CNY design for ordering the CNY goodies. Moreover, they offer a Prosperity Gift Set that comes in a luxurious can box. You do not have to worry that much as Bread Garden already has a lot of experience in this field and will give us the best and safe packaging for our orders.

Storage Information

Unfortunately, there is no further information regarding the duration of storage for each menu. It is very important for you to ask the details to the staff or chat via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Ordering Process

You can place the order both online or offline. It depends on your mood and situations. For offline branches, you have 4 options for places to go. They will serve and welcome you warmly in every way of order you choose. However, please pay attention that you need to place the order 5 days before the delivery date. Please remember that your order will be confirmed only when they receive your full payment through Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Paypal, or PayNow.

Bread Garden will deliver your orders from 09:00 to 05:00 and charge a different fee for each location. For every order below S$400, they charged S$20 except for Tuas, Jurong Island, Changi, Sentosa, and CBD Areas, while S$30 for island wide. Do they have free delivery service? Of course. If your order reaches S$400 above, then you do not need to pay the delivery fee, however, they still charge S$10 for island wide. All the areas will be free from delivery fee if the order reaches S$600 above (except military and restricted areas).

Do remember too that once you paid, the goods cannot be returned or refunded.           

Pricing Information

Bread Garden is actually a comfort zone for everyone as they set an affordable price in almost all of their menus. If you are craving Croissants, you just need to pay $1.50 for it (the cheapest one on the menu).  For special occasion menus such as Premium Pineapple Tarts and Mala Cookies, you only need to pay $23.80 and $19.80. Their cakes are having affordable prices too, starting from $35 to $238. For further price variations, you can directly visit their website and prepare yourself to choose one of the menus to accompany your day! 

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