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  • Tanjong Pagar Outlet:
  • Tanjong Pagar Xchange
  • Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (EW15) #B1-03 (Near Exit “B”)
  • Ang Mo Kio Outlet: Blk 114 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 #01-355, Singapore 560114

Phone: +65 6455 6757 / +65 9618 1238 (WhatsApp)


Email: [email protected]

Business Hours:

  • Tanjong Pagar Outlet:
  • Monday to Friday from 11:00 – 08:00
  • Saturday from 11:00 – 04:00 (Closed if Friday is a Holiday)
  • Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday
  • Closed on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve
  • Ang Mo Kio Outlet:
  • Monday to Friday from 11:00 – 04:00
  • Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday

About Joyus Pastries

Big things come from the small things. This is what happened to Joyus Pastries. Choosing a homely set-up as their first step of their dream, now they are able to have 3 outlets that never lack visitors. As time goes by, now Joyus Pastries already wins everyone’s heart and becomes the local favourite. Even though Joyus Pastries has now become the local spotlight, however, they never become rats who abandon a sinking ship. Taking traditional recipes that passed down from generation to generation, Joyus Pastries is ready to give you pastries that are baked from the heart. 

Doing everything from the heart is one of the fundamental things behind every field’s success. Joyus Pastries, in order to make their dream keep going and succeed, by baking from the heart, they also pay a lot attention to the ingredients. As expected from local favorites, Joyus Pastries uses finest ingredients and free from preservatives and colouring. How to prove it? Go get a taste from their pastries. Their freshness, quality, and taste will never betray you.

The Product Selection

If you visit their outlet or take a look at menus from their website, you will have one conclusion on your mind: simple is the best! From the time being, Joyus Pastries only focuses on 9 menus. However, those 9 are powerful enough to satisfy all Singaporean or even foreigners who are in the middle of their vacation in Singapore. With a simple appearance in each menu, people can sense the vibes of home or even their childhood memories. If you want to chill with friends, family, or even by yourself, then please take a look at their menus!

The Signature

Until now, Pineapple Tart is one of the best Joyus Pastries’ signatures. What was on your mind when you found out about this fact? Have you ever thought about why the same menu that is sold in almost every pastry store in Singapore has become a signature? Actually, every store has their own way to make a different Pineapple Tart from others. You can pay attention in almost any store, they serve Pineapple Tart in different tastes, size, and form.

Talking about Joyus Pastries’ Pineapple Tart, then we will talk about how creative the owner and team are. If we usually see Pineapple tart in round-ball form, then they make it into a crisp biscuit with hand-made pineapple fillings. “How beautiful!” may be everyone’s first impression toward this menu. As the base of the filling, the crisp biscuits look so elegant in a simple way. On the top of it, the golden brownish pineapple filling is ready to complete the beauty of the menu. Their signature is ready to give you a pleasant journey to your eyes and tummy!

The Signature

Having Pineapple Tart as the best signature is definitely not enough for Joyus Pastries. Besides the Pineapple Tart, Joyus Pastries is the comfort zone for cookies lovers! If you are a peanut lover, then their Almond Cookies, Cashew Nut Cookies, and Sesame Walnut Cookies will be the perfect choice for you. By using premium peanuts, Joyus Pastries gives you an experience on how good roasted cashew nut is in the cookies, how you can sense the fresh aroma of their Almond cookies, and how their special developed recipe works so well in Sesame Walnut Cookies.

Joyus Pastries saves their remaining 2 slots from their ‘cookies series’ for Chocolate Chip Cookies and Butter Cookies. By using dark chocolate chips along with chopped walnuts, the Chocolate Chip Cookies are ready to shower you the right amount of sweetness for the day! While we get drowned in the sweetness from Chocolate Chip Cookies, then we will get an amazing buttery taste from Butter Cookies. The premium quality butter created a light yet aromatic taste. Anyone who dislikes peanuts or has an allergy to it, do not worry, go grab Butter Cookies for the rescue!

For everyone who wants to eat a cake rather than a cookie, then their Kueh Lapis will be a good choice. Using less oil in the recipe, the Kueh Lapis is ready to give you a healthier yet still maintain the specialty taste of Kueh Lapis for you. On the other side, Joyus Pastries gives a special spot for chilli lovers through Nonya Prawn Roll by blending the chili spices along with the dried shrimps. Their last but not least special menu is the frozen and uncooked Hakka Abacus that give you the chewy texture of selected yams.

The Packaging

Joyus Pastries offers 3 different packaging for Pineapple Tart: Tub, Travel pack , and Party pack. On the other hand, there are not many types of packaging that Joyus Pastries provides for us. Most of the menus are packed using a tub with different weight and plastic seal for Hakka Abacus. Nevertheless, the transparency from the packaging makes us able to see the gems inside the packaging easily. From the simplicity of transparent packaging that they give to us, we can find out that even a simple packaging can be so elegant and gorgeous to give it for someone on some big occasion like Christmas or CNY, or even just to buy it for yourself and family.

Storage Information

Unfortunately, Joyus Pastries does not tell the further detail about this. However, you can always ask them directly when you visit their outlet or chat via WhatsApp.

Ordering Process

You will never know the word “difficult” whenever you want to make an order at Joyus Pastries. If you are going outside by chance, then you can directly visit their outlet. When you feel like you want to eat Joyus Pastries’ products but you are too lazy to go out, then you can make an order through WhatsApp. Do not worry, they will never let you in difficult situations for ordering their gems.

Pricing Information

You can get their number one signature started from $23 for 28 pieces of it. If you want to buy their travel pack, you can pay $31 for 36 pieces, while a party pack is $42 for 45 pieces. For Nonya Prawn Roll and cookies lovers, you can get them for $13 (the weights are different for each menu). As for Kueh Lapis, $42 is the best deal in the town!. Last but not least, you can get their Hakka Abacus starting from $8.40 for 1 pack and $16.00 for two packs. As for the initial reminder, they charged $15 per one delivery trip, however, you do not need to pay for it if your orders are above $300.

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