Top 6 Best Mooncake Box Designs For Gifting 2021

Traditional Baked Mooncakes by Ding Bakery

The Mooncake Festival will be celebrated on September 21st this year, and it is also known as the mid-Autumn festival. It is a traditional Chinese festival that is celebrated in both China and many countries in SouthEast Asia, including Singapore. As its name suggests, those who celebrate it eat small pastries known as mooncakes. 

Apart from eating moon cakes, many people also celebrate the mid-Autumn festival by coming out, drinking tea and watching the full moon. Some also walk around holding traditional Chinese lanterns made of paper. 

Among the common practices during this festival is for individuals to give boxes of mooncakes to their friends, family and business associates. Here are some of Singapore’s most beautiful mooncake gift boxes for 2021, in no particular order.

  1. Ding Bakery’s Mid-Autumn Grandeur

CNY Goodies are offering their award winning mooncakes for a very affordable price, Along with their carefully handmade moon cakes is a beautiful navy blue gift box. It is covered in a traditional Chinese brocade design with carved openings, and a grand looking metallic handle. 

This gift box will come with four premium baked mooncakes, namely White Lotus with Double Yolk, Pandan Jade Lotus With Double Yolk, Mixed Nuts and Azuki Red Bean Mooncake.

Apart from these baked mooncakes, you can also choose to have Durian Snowskin Mooncakes and various other snowskin mooncakes available. Enjoy free delivery island wide if you spend above $100. Delivery is available 24 hours a day, and they can even arrange for express delivery within 1 hour. 


Price: $67.40 – $83.40

Source: CNYGoodies

  1. Shangri-La’s Shang Palace Four Treasures 

The Shangri-La Singapore hotel has come up with a truly beautiful packaging for their mooncakes this year. It takes the form of a traditionally inspired Chinese box which is brilliant vermillion in color. It’s also emblazoned with sweet pink Chrysanthemums and half moon designs, both symbols of luck.

The front of the box is covered with a round golden crest, which opens up like a small cabinet to reveal your mooncakes. 

Each of the Shang Palace Four Treasures comes with four different mooncakes. If you’re worried about mooncake calories, you can count on Shangri-La to make them healthier. Three of the mooncakes here have reduced sugar, which are the plain lotus paste, lotus mooncake with single yolk and lotus paste with double yolk. 

Apart from baked mooncakes, you can also choose to have Shangri-la’s own mooncake recipe , their 50th anniversary special Aged Mandarin Peel, Rose and Red Bean Paste Mooncake, as well as various snow skin mooncakes. 


Price: $64-$202.30

Source: Shangri-la Singapore

  1. The Intercontinental Singapore’s Ambrosial Mid-Autumn Treasures

Intercontinental has prepared a collection of mooncakes consisting of floral tea-infused snow skin mooncakes, as well as traditional baked mooncakes. Some of the outstanding flavors they offer include Rose Flower Tea Truffle with Pistachio and Oolong Peach with Black Sesame Truffle. 

Even more outstanding is the box and packaging that the mooncakes come in. They are enclosed in a box decorated with garden motifs and birds, with a rose gold or gold encasement. Within this round encasement you’ll find a two tier tea tray that you can actually remove to have a formal tea time.

Price: $79.20- $196.20

Source: Intercontinental Singapore

  1. Parkroyal Collection’s Mid-Autumn Enchantments

You’ve seen many types of beautiful mooncake boxes, but this is probably the first one with built-in bluetooth speakers. Parkroyal Collection at Marina Bay Sands is offering their own unique collection of mooncakes, mostly traditional.

There are four flavors available and almost all of them are created by Parkroyal’s own team. There’s Pu’er with Mochi, Lychee with Wolfberries, and Charcoal Black Sesame Paste with Gold Dust. These three are then accompanied by the traditional lotus paste with double yolk. The paste has been made healthier with reduced sugar. 

The box that comes with your purchase is an elegant cabinet with a drawer on the bottom tier. It’s designed in a soothing blue color with pink plum blossoms scattered all over, giving it an air of luxury and sophistication. 

Long after you’re done consuming the mooncakes, the box can still be used as a decorative piece, or a speaker. 


Price: $77-$79

Source: Parkroyal Collection

  1. Hotel Indigo’s A Timeless Treasure

Among all the beautiful packaging offered by the various mooncake producers this year, Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong’s box appears to be one of the few inspired by local Singaporean culture. 

Although this is Hotel Indigo’s first time introducing an in-house mooncake collection, they seem to have done wonderfully. Their packaging is a multi-tiered Peranakan inspired box, reminiscent of the Baba Nyonya houses on Emerald Hill. 

Each tier is decorated with tile motifs popularly used in many Singaporean Peranakan homes too. The Peranakan packaging comes with four mooncakes of your choice, mostly lotus paste mooncakes in various styles.


Price: $49-$75

Source: Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong

  1. Starbucks Mid-autumn Moments

Starbucks would probably not be the first place you’ll think of getting mooncakes from, but Starbucks mooncakes offer contemporary flavors in a stylish packaging. Currently, they have two packages to choose from, which are Assorted and Traditional.

In the Assorted box, you’ll get flavors like Coffee with Caramel and Hazelnut, Pandan Gula Melaka, Mango Yuzu and Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate. On the other hand, the Traditional box will offer up four pieces of Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk. All of the Starbucks moon cakes are stamped with the unmistakable Starbucks logo so you know they’re authentic. 

Both the Assorted and Traditional packages will come with a complimentary Starbucks Mid-Autumn themed box. This dark blue box is decorated with a cute bunny motif, accompanied by various constellations. This is a reference to the ancient legend that bunnies inhabit the moon and that you can see the pattern of a rabbit on the moon’s surface when it’s round. 

The box can be opened to reveal two tiers of storage space, and will come in handy even when you’ve consumed the mooncakes. 


Price: $60.90

Source: Starbucks Singapore

Alternatively, you can always get a mooncake mold and learn to make your own, using pre-made fillings to produce flavors not on sale.

Chinese moon cakes have a very long history, and even though you don’t know how to make mooncakes, you can still give them away as there are many mooncake gift boxes available all around you. All you have to do is type ‘mooncakes near me’ in your search bar. We have also come up with recommendations on what are arguably the best mooncake brands in Singapore.

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