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Mandarin Oriental Mooncake Review


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About Mandarin Oriental Mooncakes

The mooncakes are intended to help you celebrate celestial tradition with the overflowing pleasure on your tastebuds. Therefore, Mandarin Oriental mooncakes feature high-end production with excellent quality mooncakes as a result. Mandarin oriental mooncakes are focused on providing their customers with quality products and great customer service.

Based on 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Singapore 039797, Mandarin oriental mooncakes is determined to provide its customers with high-end internet service. Their website features a comprehensive interface which allows for a great display of products and easy product ordering once you see which mooncake is your favorite.

The Product Selection System

Mandarin Oriental features a big range of different mooncake products which are intended to satisfy customer’s needs and provide them with an unforgettable taste. The great thing about their website is a well-designed user interface which allows for quick selection of your favorite products.

The customers can also see the discounts for each product as the display of products come with a variety of useful information. All the prices listed inform you about the price of a single mooncake, so you can easily calculate what would be the final price in case you want to order more than one product.

The Customisation Features

Another thing which adds up to the quality of Mandarin Oriental service are the customization options. Namely, you can customize your mooncake package, along with the product itself concerning their looks. For example, the customers are available to add their company logo on the package, or any image that would personalize the mooncake design and the package.

If you want to send a pack of mooncakes to your dearest, there is an option to send a package with a personalized message. Therefore, each mooncake box will contain a complimentary greeting card.

Big Variety of Products

Mandarin Oriental offers a great variety of different mooncake types that should meet everyone’s criteria. So, if you want to treat yourself with a delicious mooncake, or want to surprise your dearest with this delicacy (accompanied by heartfelt wishes included in the package) you have a big variety of products to choose from.

The customers are able to choose between 3 different types of mooncakes, like baked mooncakes, chocolate mooncakes, and snow skin mooncakes. Each type comes with a list of different products which present all the varieties of a specific sort of mooncake. Therefore, the customers can choose their favorite mooncake according to their specific taste.

Customer service

In case you have some questions, or if you find yourself in need of professional assistance, Mandarin Oriental provides its customers with high-end customer service. The efficacy of the Mandarin Oriental customer service is best displayed by positive customer feedback. The customers praise Mandarin Oriental customer service because they could expect professional support anytime and get useful advice or any other sort of expert assistance.

So, if you encounter any problems with the quality of mooncakes you’ve ordered, feel free to contact Mandarin Oriental customer support service and let them know in which way they can help you. High-end service quality is guaranteed and you will most certainly solve any problem you encounter.

Delivery Information

Mandarin Oriental cares about its customers getting the great delivery service, so you can expect your delivery to arrive just on time with outstanding freshness. The freshness policy is one of the main traits concerning the Mandarin Oriental delivery service.

It’s good to know that you can expect your delivery to arrive just when you planned to collect it. Therefore, Mandarin Oriental delivery service doesn’t mind going even a mile further, just to get you your favorite mooncake on time.

Pricing Information

Mandarin Oriental provides its customers with cheap mooncakes that feature outstanding quality. The cheapest mooncake you may buy in Mandarin Oriental is only $42. However, the more expensive mooncake boxes may go up to $120.

To encourage its customers to enjoy the taste of high-quality mooncakes, Mandarin Oriental offers a set of discounts. So, if you order your mooncake package early, there’s an early bird discount which lets you enjoy a 15% discount. This discount is available only in a specific timeframe determined by Mandarin Oriental, so make sure that you check their website for available discounts.

If you order a larger amount of mooncakes, there’s a set of special volume discounts for you. For example, if you order from 25 to 49 mooncake boxes, you will enjoy a 10% discount off the total price. Also, if you intend to order from 50 to 149 boxes, there’s a 15% discount waiting for you and in case you order 150 boxes and above, you will save up to 20% of a total price. If you’re a member of the elite club, you will enjoy a discount of 15% throughout the promotion period.


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