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Starbucks Mooncake Review



Mooncakes come in all sorts of delicious and unimaginable mixture of flavours to help you celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. The famous Starbucks mooncake is some of the most innovative and tasteful combinations, made in particular to go along with your favourite beverage, hot or cold!

Made with specific care and dedication to quality, they come in a box of six – two pieces of each of the Starbucks trademark flavours: Green Tea with Red Bean, Coffee and Walnut, and of course White Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk!

That’s not all, as the legendary Hong Kong Custard Starbucks mooncake will be joining the family this year as well to round out the line-up we’ve come to expect from our favourite coffee place. We heartily recommend ordering a cup of Green Tea Latte to go along with your favourite mooncakes!

The Trademark Flavours

Whichever you choose to begin with, you just cannot go wrong. The Green Tea with Red Bean is a fantastic balance in contrast: the green casing perfectly matches the sweet and smooth red bean taste in the centre. For coffee lovers, there’s the Starbucks mooncake in Coffee and Walnut flavour, a mouth-watering combination of the signature microground coffee and luxurious white lotus seed paste, with chopped almonds thrown into the mix.

To complete the box trio, you will find a mooncake with a salted egg yolk centre engulfed in the famously delicious white lotus paste. In a world of its own we have the fourth flavour of the family – the Chinese Custard Mooncake. Sink your teeth in the delicious buttery crust filled with rich, smooth egg custard.

Order Via Mobile App For Special Prizes

Singapore Starbucks offers a quick and crisp way of paying for your order via the Starbucks phone app. It allows you to choose the value, load it and reload via the App without any need for baristas.

Once you’ve made your choice in type and number of mooncakes you’re going to buy, and the drinks to follow it up, simply tap ‘Pay’ on your app. You’ll see total price of your listed purchases below, and the barcode. All you got to do is scan it at the counter and you’re done. As easy as that!

The Exclusive Online Promotions

Did you know you can turn your visits to Starbucks into rewards? All you have to do is get your Starbucks Card and every purchase made via phone app will account for points called Stars.

There are three Star tiers – Welcome, Green and Gold, and each offers prizes that just make your day better. By collecting Stars, you rank up until you reach 300 Stars which places you in Gold tier – and Starbucks knows how to treat their Gold members with every purchase you make!

The App also makes sure you never miss an update on new drinks or a new flavour of mooncake and allows you to send gift cards to friends or family in dire need of a delicious Mid-Autumn delight!

Payment Options

All of your transactions within the Starbucks App are perfectly safe and secure. Prices listed are all inclusive of taxes and it’s noteworthy that the product prices are fully transparent eliminating any expenses you were not initially shown. You do not need to worry as all your personal banking information remains safe.

Customer Service

Starbucks started nearly forty years ago as a single store, and it has aimed to make every place a little better with responsible business and an engaging customer service. Each store prides itself on not only the highest quality of coffee in the world but everything else added to the list is just as unique and just as superb, from meals to snacks and even mooncakes!


Mooncakes are available in single pieces, but we would recommend the special Assorted Mooncake Box. It comes with 6 cakes – 2 of each flavour, and it costs $49.90 per box. Just make sure to use your membership card, because you can get 15% off any time you purchase 2 or more of these boxes. The Chinese Custard mooncakes can be bought individually or also in a box of 6 for the same price.

Make room on a shelf, as you will want to keep this decorative box with a beautiful LED Starbucks Moon Lantern, and Starbucks insists on giving you more, so each pack also contains a couple of treat vouchers!

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