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Intercontinental Singapore Mooncake Review

Location: 80 Middle Road, Singapore, 188966

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Business Hours: Daily from 11:00 to 20:00.


About Intercontinental Singapore Mooncakes

You simply cannot celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival without your loved ones or mooncake! Mooncake have become a symbol of the annual festival celebrating the moon, during the 8th Lunar month of the Chinese calendar. It’s not by chance that the festival is affectionately known as Mooncake Festival.

It is a very festive time of year when loved ones gather together light candles and lanterns and celebrate with tea and mooncake while moon gazing. The Intercontinental Singapore is home to the award-winning Man Fu Yuan restaurant. Under the lead of Executive Chinese Chef, Kwan You Kan, this restaurant creates an exceptionally handcrafted selection of mooncakes each year.

The Product Selection

If you are looking for some of the most stunning looking and luxurious of mooncakes, then you need to check out the offering by Man Fu Yuan at Intercontinental Singapore. Their mooncakes are made with the highest quality ingredients that are always fresh and the mooncakes are handcrafted with extreme attention to detail.

These mooncakes are some of the most artistic that you will find in Singapore. They have collections of both snow skin mooncakes as well as the traditional baked mooncakes. Each year they add new additions to their snow skin collection such as The Tea Collection and the Garden Collection.

The Garden Collection of Snow Skin Mooncakes

In 2018, Intercontinental debuted this delectable collection of snow skin mooncake flavours. Within this collection you will find four scrumptious flavours: Pandan and Macadamia, Roselle and red Date, Rose and Pistachio, and Rosemary, Almond and Green Tea. Talk about innovative?

They have combined delicate floral and botanical flavours to create some elegant aromas, especially with the rosemary, pandan and rose notes. The most unique mooncake of this collection that truly stands out is the Roselle and Red Date Snow Skin Mooncake.

It offers a refreshing difference to the traditional white lotus paste in the form of a luscious red date paste. Paired with the smoky flavour of the Roselle to balance it out makes for a delicious

The Tea Collection of Snow Skin Mooncakes

Another addition in 2018, the Tea Collection truly ties together the tradition of sipping tea and eating mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. This collection showcases tea-infused flavours that mirror the premium selection of tea blends that the Intercontinental offers.

Flavours include a Nutty Black Sesame Paste with Osmanthus scented Chocolate Truffle encased in Smoky Black Sesame Snow Skin, an Earl Grey and Strawberry Chocolate Truffle which gives off the fragrant notes of black tea and bergamot.

There is also an Orange Snow Skin mooncake filled with White Lotus and a Mandarin Orange Peel Tea-infused Chocolate Truffle centre. If you’re a Match-lover, then you will need to try the Green Tea Mooncake with White Chocolate Truffle.

The Baked Mooncake Collection

For the more traditional mooncake fans, the Intercontinental offers a collection of baked mooncakes. The choice of flavours is vast enough for anyone to find a favourite. Choose from White Lotus Paste Mooncakes with a single or double yolk centre, or Red Lotus Paste Mooncakes with a single or double yolk in the centre.

There are also Assorted Nuts and a Low-Sugar White Lotus Paste Mooncake with Macadamia Nuts if you are after a healthier option.


Ordering Process

You can get your hands off these show-stopping mooncakes by easily ordering online at the Intercontinental Singapore website. Alternatively, you can make your way to the restaurant to place your order in person. Call in your order or drop them a quick email with your delectable order. Their mooncakes are also available at numerous booth locations island-wide.

Pricing Information

The Garden Collection and Tea Collection of Snow Skin Mooncakes will set you back S$ 72 and S$ 74, respectively for a box of four. The baked collection all come in boxes of 4 mooncakes. The White Lotus with Single Yolk costs S$ 68 and the Double Yolk S$ 72. The Red Lotus with Single Yolk costs S$ 64 and the Double Yolk S$ 68.

You can get your hands on the Assorted Nuts Mooncakes for S$ 66 and the Low-Sugar variation is S$ 68. If you order online or if you are a guest at the Intercontinental, you can enjoy a 5% discount on orders. Other special offers include an early bird saving of 25% as well as a saving for selected debit and credit cards.


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