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grand hyatt mooncake

Grand Hyatt Singapore Mooncakes Review

Location: 10 Scotts Road Singapore, Republic of Singapore 228211

Phone: +65 6887 5492

Email: [email protected]



Business Hours: 11:00 am to 10:30 pm

About Grand Hyatt Mooncake

The mooncakes come with a special recipe, intended to maximize your joy and honour the Moon Goddess of Immortality. Therefore, Grand Hyatt Singapore mooncakes are made of the finest ingredients by pastry chefs at Grand Hyatt Singapore.

The main goal that Grand Hyatt Singapore intends to achieve is a perfect service, accompanied with mooncakes that feature quality above all your expectations.

Based in Singapore at 10 Scotts Road Singapore, Grand Hyatt Singapore is very focused on their online store which allows for superb delivery system and product selection. With an exclusive variety of products, you will be able to find the mooncakes which suit your taste to the maximum.

The Grand Hyatt Singapore Website

Grand Hyatt Singapore online store features a comprehensive website design which allows for quick product selection. There you may find a variety of different mooncake products and with the recommendation system, you’ll be able to choose the one that will certainly amaze you with its quality.

The product quality is guaranteed as all of Grand Hyatt Singapore mooncakes are handmade and preservative-free, so their freshness remains at its finest. The Grand Hyatt Singapore website provides you also with useful information on how to keep your mooncakes to preserve their great taste and freshness.

The order-placing system

Grand Hyatt Singapore web store features a straight-forward ordering system which allows for quick ordering. The ordering system is comprehensive, so the customers can avoid any confusion and risk of getting an unwanted product.

The customers are able to precisely select the type of mooncake they wish to order, along with the number of products for each mooncake type. The overall efficacy of this system becomes obvious if you see positive customer feedback concerning the quality of the website’s order-placing interface.

The exclusive Online Promotions

To encourage the online shopping Grand Hyatt Singapore provides its customers with discounts for each online purchase. The customers may enjoy a 15% discount for early bird orders of any set of snow skin or traditional mooncakes.

Such discounts inspire customers to practice online shopping and also amass the number of new customers who want to explore the advanced quality of Grand Hyatt Singapore service.

The Snow-Skin Selection

Snow-skin mooncakes are among the most popular mooncake types that feature a versatile flavour which can keep up even with the most challenging mooncake taste criteria. There have been many creative renditions of this beloved treat, but Grand Hyatt Singapore found the secret formula which can make you enjoy the completely new dimension of mooncake flavour.

Acai Berry Truffle Mooncakes

Acai Berry Truffle mooncakes feature a deep royal purple hue which indicates the royal flavour of this cake. This mooncake is infused with sweet blackcurrant liqueur and the super healthy acai berry. The mixture of healthy and sweet ingredients will definitely leave you with an exciting feeling on your tastebuds.

Payment options

Grand Hyatt Singapore for different payment options, so to inspire their customers to explore the quality of their products and enjoy a simple payment system. You can purchase the products both via the Internet by using PayPal, or by using all the standard credit cards if you choose to buy your favourite mooncake in one of the Grand Hyatt Singapore hotels.

The payment process is secure and keeps your personal banking information safe from any unwanted intrusions. Grand Hyatt Singapore does not keep any personal information or financial information at any point as they need them only temporarily for a successful transaction.

Customer Service

Grand Hyatt Singapore customer service policy is focused on keeping only the highest standards of service, with many options that allow for improved expert assistance.

The customers are especially pleased with the high quality of the mooncakes which feature freshness and an unforgettable taste. Also, the customers are able to get useful answers on any sort of questions and expect expert assistance for any problem they encounter.

Delivery information:

Grand Hyatt Singapore offers a delivery service, but it is very limited and gets booked up quickly. It’s recommended for customers to visit the nearest Grand Hyatt Singapore hotels and self-collect the orders. This proved as the most efficient way to collect your favourite mooncake and enjoy its freshness.

Pricing information

The prices vary according to which mooncake box you intend to buy. The cheapest mooncake boxes are $78 and more expensive may go up to $120.

Aside from the online purchase discounts, Grand Hyatt Singapore offers two more types of discounts for pre-ordered products and early bird discounts.

If you pre-order a mooncake, you may enjoy up to 25% discount for pre-ordered set of snow skin or traditional mooncakes. The products which are pre-ordered online will be available for quick delivery and collection, so you may instantly enjoy the great quality for a reasonably low price.

Another discount is intended for early birds who spend no time waiting to purchase their favourite mooncake. The customers who immediately order their mooncake will enjoy a 20% discount when purchasing snow skin or traditional mooncakes with select credit cards.


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