100% Handmade Fresh from the Oven

 10/10 Taste

 No Preservatives

Free Delivery Above S$ 100.00

The expiry date of these stocks will be on 22nd Feb onwards. Some of these stocks expire later in March/April. CNY Goodies will be packed and delivered at random. We won’t be able to reserve stocks with later expiry dates for customers. Appreciate your kind understanding!

Beautifully golden and glossy on the outside, intensely rich, nutty and buttery on the inside.

Box Dimensions: 10 cm (Diameter) x 11.5 cm (Height)

Approximately 40-42 cookies in a container

Weight: Approximately 275 g

Many of our customers buy our goodies in bulk for gifting and snacking on at home even after the festivities are over. Do note that all our CNY goodies must be consumed within 2 weeks of opening. You can leave them sealed until you are ready to eat them, in which case they are best to be consumed before 28 February.

We know that the shelf life of these goodies seems short. It’s because we don’t use preservatives or additives, relying instead on the sugar in our recipes to act as natural preservatives. We encourage you to dig into these melt-in-your-mouth goodies once you purchase them – they are delivered directly from our bakery and taste their absolute best when eaten fresh!

Still don’t trust what you see? Come on down to our tasting venue today! Click here for the address.

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