Identifying good mooncakes never needed to be a chore. Being a specialist in baking mooncakes for decades, Bing Liang never fails to reliably deliver our clients with top tasting White Lotus Single Yolk Mooncakes. Perfect for self indulgence or as a gift to send your warm greetings for the Mid-Autumn Season.

Enjoy 10% OFF when you opt for delivery next day onwards (i.e. not same day delivery) and use the code ‘YUMMY’ at check out.

 100% Handmade

Award-Winning Taste

 No Preservatives

 Free Delivery Above S$ 88.00

All images are 100% real. Our value to our customers is second to none. Do not be a victim of product misrepresentation!

Price stated is for 4 pieces of Single Yolk White Lotus Paste Mooncakes packaged in a presentably beautiful mooncake box. Comes also with paper bag. Scroll below to see more images and understand our premium mooncakes better!

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