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Kele Mooncake Review


Location: No.2 Smith Street, Chinatown

Phone: +65 6560 1249




Business Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


About Kele Solo Mooncakes

Did you ever try a pineapple tart, or just eat a whole bunch of them because they’re just too delicious? If yes, there’s a pretty high chance you tried a Kele product considering their pineapple tart was voted Singapore’s best, multiple times. Kele is a local specialised bakery famous for combining cakes and cookies with any fruit flavour imaginable.

Due to their experimental nature when it comes to experimenting with fruit flavours, their mooncakes have become something of a legend. They have developed somewhat of a habit of making you think “no way, this cannot work”, but you know it will – and then the flavour, the crust, and the unique juicy experience all blow you away!


Production Process

Having developed a bestselling charcoal roll cake of Mao Shan Wang, Kele mastered the art of melt-in-your-mouth cream fillings. Strawberry Cream Cheese, Rose Cream Cheese, Mango Cream Cheese, Lychee Martini, Avocado Macadamia Nut are just some of the creams they brought to perfection.

It didn’t take long before they took the risk and tried to transfer this magnificent work to mooncakes which are mainly based around white or red lotus paste, red bean paste, yolk, green tea and similar traditional ingredients.

They probably weren’t the first to try and modernise the customs dating back to the 13th century, and not many people have a taste for fruity mooncakes. They are the first, however, to manage to pull it off! If you go to a mooncake exhibition, the Kele stall will always be crowded with tasters for a good reason, and the wait will always be worth it.

The unusual flavours of Kele mooncakes manage avoid being too creamy or too fruity, but definitely give you that sensation of fresh, and rich as if you could feel the fruit was juiced that morning.


Product Selection

First of all, you cannot make a mistake when choosing where to begin with Kele mooncakes, but we would recommend the signature: Snow skin Avocado and Macadamia Nuts. Plenty found it to be unrivalled mooncake, but the biggest Kele fans will tell you that’s just the beginning.

Mangoes and Cream is right up there, but the roll cake inspired Mao Shan Wang Snowskin mooncake has broken through in popularity in recent years. Kele also produce Mango Cream Cheese and Strawberry Cream Cheese mooncakes, inspired by their roll cakes as well.

Being masters of pineapple tarts, they produce a fantastic Prosperity Pineapple mooncake which also comes in a variation with just a touch of infused alcohol, called the Pina Colada mooncake.

Kele then tried their hand at Keleing up a traditional mooncake recipe by creating a Green Pandan Lotus Paste with Yolk line, and it also proved to be one of their best sellers!


Packaging Box

Any time you visit Kele they are likely to have a brand of mooncake you have not tried or seen before. It’s as if they have realised that they can do no wrong since their products are just that good. But showing some self-awareness, the company did not want to step out too far and trivialise the customs and traditions, so they decided to package their wonderful mooncakes differently from their competitors.

While everyone else competes in luxurious and innovative box design, Kele’s boxes have a geometrical design in unformed grids and oriental elements on the exterior, showing Chang’e and the Jade Bunny.

A carefree attempt at paying homage to the Festival serves as a reminder to indulge in happiness and joy those weeks is well met with a card inside the box containing the full legend of the Moon Goddess and her Jade Rabbit. Beautiful, elegant, playful – just like their cakes.


Order-Placing System

Kele website is comprehensive, modern, and just slow enough to give off a calming vibe. It is split into two parts, one reserved for roll cakes and the other for pineapple tarts and cookies, but also all other types of baked goods.

Everything on the website feels enjoyable, from the design to the colour scheme and the clicks. Orders are quite simple to make as you merely put in the amount, your information, you can choose your delivery method, collection date and even add instructions. GST of 7% is included in all prices already.



Kele mooncakes typically arrive in boxes of 4, with the price varying between $55 and $70.


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