Top 10 Places to Buy CNY Hampers in Singapore

Chinese New Year is the perfect time to send gifts to friends, family and business partners. But what should you buy them?

A hamper packed with goodies is a treat that everyone will love, but where are the best stores to buy Chinese New Year hampers in Singapore?

Here are 10 places to find amazing gift boxes for your loved ones and valued business partners.


FARM Florist

FARM Florist is a very reputable online florist in Singapore offering free next day delivery. Apart from that however, they also specialise in seasonal hampers. Their CNY hampers range from S$50.00, all the way to a whopping S$999.00. There is something for every budget and their hampers are very tastefully designed. Tradition and industry norms have shown that hampers for Chinese New Year in Singapore have to look traditional in the standard triangular tower style format. CNY hampers from FARM Florist however, are nothing like that. They have managed to successfully create the gesture of providing well wishes for a Lunar New Year and still have a very modern touch. We have been informed that their hampers are not yet online for sale, but do check them out again in the weeks to come!



Angel Florist

Online retail outlet Angel Florist is a great place to go if you’re looking for prestige hampers for colleagues or business partners. Their most luxurious gift basket, costing $1,388, includes an array of edible treats such as cuttlefish strips, red dates, pineapple cookies and yam cookies. You’ll also find a number of exquisite French wines such as a 2007 bottle of Route D’or Grenache Syrah and a 2009 Chateau Fontblanche Bordeaux AOC.



Famous Amos

Famous Amos started life in 1983 as a cookie baking company. Now, however, they have expanded their offerings to include superb gift sets and hampers. Their current Chinese New Year specialist hampers includes the Gong Xi Fa Cai hamper ($92) which comes with some of their finest sweet treats including their choc chip pecan, no nut choc chip and oatmeal raisin cookies. The larger Majestic Fortune gift hamper, which includes a huge array of cookies and tea, would make the perfect gift for your work colleagues.



Her Flowers

Her Flowers offers hampers for every occasion and will, of course, be covering Chinese New Year. Their CNY holiday packages are based around delicately constructed, hand-crafted flower bundles that are perfect for a loved one. The Wonderland Bundle ($105) is a beautiful combination of colorful tulips plus ‘a decadent box of macaroons’. Her Flowers also offers free same-day flower delivery, making the products some of the freshest around.



Eu Yan Sang

Eu Yan Sang are bringing wealth and good fortune to their customers this year with their CNY gift specials. The store’s holiday hampers will come in an ingot, which symbolises wealth and good fortune in the Chinese culture. This year, you could opt for the Ingot 2 – Blooming Season CNY Hamper ($248) which comes with braised abalones, fish maw and a revitalising tonic among many other goodies.



Lo Hong Ka

If you’ve got lots of different people to buy for Lo Hong Ka could be your one-stop shop of choice. The store offers a huge range of CNY hampers from under $100 to more than $1,000. Their baskets typically include food and drink goodies but plenty come with other CNY presents. Their huge Pleasure Of Spring hamper ($1,088) includes 29 individual gifts ranging from Japan scallops, sliced ginseng and premium sliced pork.

Address: 29 Ubi Crescent, Singapore 408582, 29 Ubi Cres, Singapore 408569

Operating Hours: 9 am to 6 pm, Mondays to Fridays only


Noel Gifts

Noel Gifts have more than 43 years of experience providing a large range of presents for all occasions. Their premium gift collection includes an alluring cabernet sauvignon gift set from Riedel which includes glasses and a wine opener. Their gourmet hampers includes the Blessed set which comes with chocolate eclairs, chive and garlic biscuits and forest berry jam. For something a bit healthier, try one of their Wellness or Fruit hampers. Did you know? Noel Gifts is a subsidiary to another company very reputable in seasonal hampers – Humming Flowers and Gifts Pte. Ltd!



Florist Online

In spite of the fact that Florist Online specialises in flowers, they also have a fair share of attractive looking Chinese New Year hampers. The hampers are also halal, which make them perfect for office sharing. 



Gift Hampers

Gift Hampers has a really beautiful website. The website design of Gift Hampers is our favourite among all. Premium gift baskets are a click away at the Gift Hampers store. There are many to choose from, most of which include some food and drink. For an interesting mix of treats go for The Classy Gold ($219). The luxury hamper comes with a bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne, chocolate truffles, smoked almonds and organic strawberry jam. That’s all wrapped up in a gorgeous wicker basket and delivered to your door for free.



Simply Hamper

As Simply Hamper rightly points out, hampers are an important part of the corporate gift giving culture. With that in mind, they have curated a number of hampers specifically designed with that in mind. Their Winds Of Fortune ($147.66) hamper is an elegant option for business partners with a bottle of Bellevie Pavillon French merlot, razor clams and more, all wrapped up in a premium-looking gold chest box.


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